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Online Mortgages – Loans for Your Dream Home

Online Mortgages – Loans for Your Dream Home

Finding the best mortgage on the web today is not difficult. You can then borrow money for exactly the home you have dreamed of.

The most common is to go for one of the following mortgage deals in the bank:

A mortgage with a floating interest rate


Loans with floating interest rates follow the interest rate trend in the market. This may mean that interest costs fall and rise over time.

A mortgage with fixed interest rate

Mortgage with fixed interest rate

Fixed-rate mortgages are for those who want the security of their life.

The fixed-rate loan is suitable for those who want collateral against surprises or expect an interest rate increase in the market. You can get fixed interest rates for either 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

It is also possible to obtain a mortgage loan with interest rate ceilings from, for example. Nordea.
This is a floating rate mortgage, but with a ceiling on the interest rate itself.

Mortgage online

Mortgage online

There are many banks that provide mortgages, car loans, consumer loans and leases to Norwegians via the Internet. Most you can get an overview of by accessing mortgages at Finansportalen.

When the dream home is the most important thing to think about when looking at different offers, this must be funded in a proper way. Talk to many different banks, and it may well be that there are loan providers that can come up with more customized solutions for you.

Do you need a calculator to calculate how much loan you can make from a mortgage?